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5 tips to your healthiest garden ever

Do you love gardening, but find that getting the healthiest and happiest garden just doesn’t happen for you? You are not alone. Unless you are born with a green thumb, or an experienced gardener, the dream garden may just seem completely unattainable.

You may go through many mishaps, and gardening can be full of trial and error. But your healthy, happy garden is not far away. All you need to do is apply these five little secrets and you will be on the right path sooner than you realise.

First you must have the right tools

Before you do anything in a garden, you need to be prepared. Invest in some high quality tools for gardening. Planting, pruning, and digging will be much easier for you with good tools. You will also be able to focus on your plants and not on stumbling with tools. You also need the right shed to house those tools. This kitset garden shed will keep your tools neat and tidy and safe from the elements.


Garden with Mother Nature not against it

Using pesticides and other chemicals is not in line with Mother Nature and won’t result in a health garden. Don’t battle with nature, choose plants that can thrive in your gardening area. Some great ideas for a healthy garden include:

  • Making your own compost pile
  • Choosing organic growth materials
  • Grow plants that attract butterflies, bees, and even birds


Plan a garden that is the right size

Be honest with yourself. You must size the garden according to your ability and willingness to care for it. Ask yourself a few simple questions before you begin planting your garden.

  • How much time do you have?
  • What kind of energy can you put into gardening?
  • Do you have the know-how for certain plants?

If you plant a garden that is too large you may end up not having time to keep it up. You can also get overwhelmed and exhausted. Either way, if your garden isn’t the right size for you, you will not enjoy it as you should. If your not happy it will show in the garden with unhealthy and unhappy plants.


Choose the plants you love

The secret to growing a healthy garden is starting off with plants that you love. If you love what you have planted you will be more likely to take care of it. This means you will actually be in your garden more watching it grow, taking care of it through the seasons, and maintaining it. This will make your garden happy.


healthy garden lawn

Be proud of your garden and let it show

Once you have put in all the hard work and love, you don’t want it to be kept a secret. Show off your garden. Show it off as much as you can. Throw a party in the yard, inspire your friends and family to start a garden of their own. When you trim your flowers, share them, hand them out to those you know. If you have a vegetable garden, give some of your harvest to the neighbors.

With the right kitset garden shed, housing the right gardening tools, and the right frame of mind, you can transform your garden into the healthiest and happiest garden on the block.



table snow

Preparing your garden shed for winter

Here in New Zealand, our harsh winters can really take a toll on your garden shed. If you’re not careful, your shed can develop leaks and other damage from excess snow and ice on the rooftop and leaves in the drainage system. Now is the time to prepare your garden shed for winter, and your efforts will be well worth the time spent in the long run.
To get started, you should first perform a thorough inspection.

Here are some essential things to look for during this inspection in order to ensure you have all your bases covered.


Check the exterior of your garden shed

Walk completely around your shed and check it thoroughly for any signs of damage. Pay special attention to:

  • Seals around your windows
  • Doors, to ensure they have not come off their track (if sliding type) or separated from the frame (if hinged doors)
  • Hardware such as latches and hinges to ensure they are not rusted or warped



Check the roof of your garden shed for damage. You should also check for debris in the drainage system, and remove it so that water can flow freely. That way, leaks are less likely to develop because of water trapped on top of your roof.

While you’re at it, look overhead to see if there are any trees with branches that hang over your shed. Chances are, after a heavy New Zealand snow fall or high winds, these branches could bend under the additional weight, and might therefore fall on your roof, causing damage. Trim them away so you won’t have to worry about that happening.


Organise the Shed

Organise your shed so you will have enough space to store seasonal items that can’t be left exposed to the harsh New Zealand elements. Do be sure to leave room near the front of your shed for any tools you might use during the winter such as shovels.

Getting your garden shed ready for winter is a breeze when you follow these easy tips. Making sure your shed is prepared will ensure it isn’t affected by the weather, and will serve its purpose for years to come.


Check Inside for Leaks

Leaks may not be apparent during a visual inspection of your shed’s exterior, which is why you need to look it over carefully inside as well. Check for water spots on your walls or rotting wood in your floor, both of which could indicate a leak. To be doubly sure, have someone spray your roof with a garden hose while you stand inside so you can see whether or not there are actually any leaks present.


damaged garden shed



Pinehaven Options

Why cheap garden sheds aren’t good value

If you’re in need of additional storage space, you may be tempted to consider cheap garden sheds to help you solve this dilemma. Inexpensive sheds could provide you with much-needed storage space rather quickly; however, they could come with their own set of problems. Here are some reasons why you should reconsider cheap storage buildings in favor of ones that are better quality.

Manufacturers of cheap garden sheds often skimp on materials, particularly when it comes to the roof. As a result, the roof could be subject to collapse should there be a heavy snowfall, as can happen in the colder areas of New Zealand. This could result in your items being damaged, not to mention the fact that a repair job could cost almost as much as the shed did initially – if you can get parts!

Cheap garden sheds often come without floors in them as well. Every one of our sheds needs a floor or base as a structural part of the shed, so a kitset floor which suits the shed can be handy, save you time and money. If you already have a concrete pad to sit your shed on you may still wish to have a timber floor to raise your items up off the concrete floor, keeping they dryer.

Cheap garden shedsCheap garden sheds could also have doors that are poorly constructed. This is an ideal situation for thieves, because it means they can easily tamper with the locks or even the doors themselves in order to gain access. You could easily lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of lawn and garden equipment because you are unable to secure your belongings properly.


In the long run, spending the extra money for a well-built garden shed makes good sense for a number of reasons. Not only will your shed be more attractive, but it will also be more functional and need fewer repairs, meaning you could actually notice a greater return on your investment than if you chose cheap garden sheds instead.

Autumn Gardening tips 1

Gardening tips for autumn 2014

Autumn is the prefect time to work in your garden, whether it is a flower, fruit, or vegetable patch, there is plenty for you to do. Whether you are planning to continue with winter vegetables or revitalise the soil with nutrients there are essential steps that you should take now. Follow these simple gardening tips and you will be well on your way to a beautiful and productive growing season.


Protect and replace

Heavy growing seasons always leave the soil with a lack of vital nutrients. This often leads to poor growth if not replenished. Adding blood and bone, compost or pellets will help to rebalance and revitalise the ground.

Compost is also a great way to protect vegetation from colder weather while delivering a slow release of nutrients to the still growing plants. In addition to compost, mulch created from fallen leaves and grass clippings can also be used to produce the desired effects. A protective layer of compost, or mulch, will help to retain the heat within the soil and thus protect the delicate roots and stems of greenery.


Plant winter crops

Many people do not realise that their garden can continue to provide a wealth of vegetation for their consumption. Selecting vegetables and fruits which are accustomed to the chill will keep a constant flow of fresh produce in your home.

A few great examples are:

  • cabbage
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • cauliflower
  • beetroot
  • lettuce
  • turnips
  • radishes
  • carrots

This is also a great time to plant fruit trees to reap the benefits later in spring.


gardening tips and goals for autumn



Flowers and more flowers

If you also like to dabble in flowering gardens, during autumn is the time to plant your bulb flowers. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus and other colorful flowers will soon be lining your walkways and surrounding your home.

If you do not like the extra effort that comes with bulb flowers, other selections such as pansies and violas are a delightful choice which will brighten your day.


Reap and sow

Harvest and dry pumpkins, squash and potatoes. Use this mild season to replenish lawns with grass seed to enjoy a richer, fuller yard.

Autumn provides you with a wealth of projects to beautify your yard and garden. These are just a few of the many gardening tips that will get of off to a great, late growing season.

kitset garden shed

My experience of building a kitset garden shed

The big day has arrived. You have just received the shed that you ordered in perfect condition. Now it’s time to erect it! Your ‘better-half’s’ telling you to call that number the website has to order the assembly guys. You pick up the phone, start to dial then stop mid-action… the weekend is just around the corner. Why not assemble and erect your new kitset garden shed by yourself?

It’s the perfect idea – your best friend owe you big time. It’s the perfect way to make him pay for all the trouble he caused with getting you help with building his new deck. This is how my story of ‘the Kitset Assembly Saga’ began.

The Garden Master & Galvo kitset garden sheds are allegedly the most stress-free and easiest to assemble garden sheds. It was time to test their claims! After all, even their website says that “All you need is a drill, screwdriver, riveter and maybe an extra pair of hands.” I happened to have all of these at my disposal. The shed came along with all the screws and rivets that were needed. So after a heated discussion with ‘dear wife’ and the reluctant ‘extra pair of hands’ named Adrian I decided that ‘Yes, I can’ assemble my own kitset garden shed.

So, as per Adrian’s brilliant idea, we started the big task on Saturday afternoon so that if the work took longer than expected, we will still be able to complete it by Sunday. The only downside we overlooked here was, my ‘beloved’ wife had the whole Saturday night to badger me about my lazy and faulty workmanship if things went bad.

Thankfully, with the help of clear and accurate, step by step instructions that were also delivered in digital format along with the shed, we managed to complete the shed beautifully (if I do say so myself) by midday Sunday. Even Adrian was impressed with the end result. With just a bit of teamwork and a good dedicated effort, ‘the man who couldn’t fix a running tap’ managed to assemble and erect his own kitset garden shed.

kitset garden shed in zincalume finish


Sheds for sale: Garden shed shopping

In these modern times shopping has become an art. A good buy is an investment that pays for a long time. Unfortunately choosing anything from a wide variety has always been my weak point. And I am pretty sure I am not the only one going through this dilemma.

So, every time I decide to shed big bucks on something I do proper research! Recently we decided to add a shed in our garden, and since I wanted it to meet the needs of every family member I did some digging, before starting to dole out money for my shed. So let my research be your guide if you are also looking into sheds for sale.


Varieties of sheds for sale

For all the gardeners in your family, a Garden Master Shed is a good choice. This shed is big enough to hold your gardening tools and supplies and has plenty of options that allow you to match the style and colour scheme of your house. It can add to the beauty of your garden as well. Don’t be afraid to go big for this type of shed as if you’re like me you’ll require plenty of space for garden tools and equipment.

Duramax 0806 garden shedAlso a good choice for gardening geeks is a Duramax PVC Shed. Ideal for seaside locations it is durable, practical and handsome. Add some shelving or benches and it should be big enough to hold all your garden supplies. Its futuristic PVC exterior will make it a focal point of your garden

Among all the sheds for sale I found this one was a family favorite. A Lambton studio / hobby room is your best option if you want to use your garden space as an additional room to your house. It can be used as an arts and craft studio, office, retreat, guest cottage or storage shed. It’s a great looking shed if I do say so myself.

But if you are short of time and finances at the moment a clever choice will be one of the Galvo garden sheds that is an economical kitset garden shed.


These kit sets are delivered to your door as a compact flat pack and take just a few hours to assemble together with just a power screwdriver and a few handy tools.

Choose wisely from among these sheds for sale to meet your needs and have fun selecting the shed of your dreams.

Pinehaven Options

Wooden garden sheds: Keeping the fairytale alive

In this day and age of steel and iron clad cold structures, some contact with nature is always a welcome change. Short of going all out and having a complete camping holiday in the great outdoors, there aren’t many options available to us today of having pure contact with nature. Even the public gardens in our cities are often devoid of soulful nature.

So why not bring on a bit of natural beauty within your own garden by installing a wooden garden shed? A wooden garden shed will not only add to the scenery of your garden but it will be the most effective option if you want to amend the structure of your shed according to your needs. You can enhance your plain old wooden shed to become your very own personal dream come true in real life.


A Wooden gardens shed can become your dream room

My childhood dreams like many other kids were to have my room decorated just like that candy hut Hansel and Gretel were drawn to in the woods. Now I can have my very own whimsical hut made out of my wooden garden shed. It is still a work in progress but the witch’s hut won’t be able to compete with my shed when I’m done with it.

Although I want to claim all of the sheds work to my own ingenuity, I can’t. Keeping an eye out for inspirations and listening to feedback and ideas from many of friends and family contributed in making my shed the wonder it is today.

wooden garden shedsI personally modified my shed. It was only possible because the sturdy and trust worthy wooden structure of shed gave me liberties to amend it beautifully, without causing any damage to the shed structure. My shed is a perfect fairytale inspiration but I had to install a fake chimney, so that a real fireplace does not become a fire hazard. Instead I used a fireplace depicting wall paper to give my small shed that feel without overcrowding the space. A rock pathway and recycled wooden fence that I made myself from a nearby demolished building gives my ordinary shed the feel of whimsy that I adore. My shed has become my artistic outlet as well as a perfect storage space and art studio. But my work is not yet done; hours and hours of enjoyable leisure time await me and my shed.


Garden beds are a great addition to any garden

Whether you are an experienced or a beginning gardener, you will want two things from your garden: attractiveness and productivity. As any gardener knows, there are many obstacles on the way to those two things. You will be required to work hard and implement the right measures to ensure that your crops flourish. Raised garden beds are one of those measures and are suitable for both novices and long time gardeners. They are easy to set up and can eliminate many of the more common hindrances to your gardening success.


What are raised garden beds?

raised garden bedsAny method of raising the soil in one area could technically be considered a “raised garden bed;” however, the best way to implement these is as a frame with no bottom that is set into a shallow trench. You can use a variety of materials to make the frame, ranging from untreated lumber to bricks.

Note that while wood is the most common material used to support garden beds, not all wood is suitable, especially if you are growing vegetables.

The chemicals used to treat untreated lumber may seep into the soil and into the vegetables you are growing. Use wood that has been treated safely or buy untreated wood and treat it yourself with linseed oil.


Benefits of raised garden beds

  • Weed control is made easier by the fact that you can use treated garden soil as a means of keeping your garden free of weeds. If you opt to use regular soil from your yard, removing the weeds will be easier since you do not have to bend when tending the bed; the level of the bed is an important factor for older gardeners and those with back problems.
  • Raised garden beds help to keep soil from becoming compacted. Soil compaction can limit root growth and prevent the soil from draining properly; both will harm your plants.
  • Raised garden beds make it more difficult for common New Zealand garden pests like pear slugs to get to your crops.
  • Raised garden beds prevent soil erosion without hindering drainage.
  •  With raised garden beds, you can set up your garden to suit your property. Uneven ground and other areas that may not be suitable for conventional row gardening may be made usable with a few raised beds.


Factors to keep in mind when constructing garden beds

You will want to plant in an area that gets adequate sunlight at all times of day. Avoid planting in areas that may be shaded by large trees and make sure that you have enough space around the beds to allow you easy access.

Keep the dimensions of your garden bed such that you are able to reach all of your plants easily from both sides.

Soil in a raised bed is prone to drying out more quickly than soil in standard rows. You will need to water your garden more often and straw and/or compost may be used to slow the rate of evaporation.

In addition to making gardening easier, garden beds are neater than rows. Not only can they improve your yields, they can make your garden look neater and more organised. Overall, they are well worth the effort for a serious gardener.


tool shed storage

How to arrange your tool shed like Martha Stewart

Saying that Martha Stewart is the queen of home keeping secrets is like shinning a beacon to the sun. Ms. Stewart’s tips and tricks for how to manage household chores and activities are used and commended by housewives and tradesmen all around the world.

These tips are very efficient yet they are also highly economical. So why not manage the most troublesome and usually neglected part of your house i.e. your toolshed by applying her time tested tricks. According to her, you don’t need to reinstall very nook and corner of your toolshed, just tweaking your current one can make it much more organised.

Although these tips may appear too easy, never underestimate the power of Martha Stewart’s organisational skills. This lady single handedly raised a multi-million dollar empire on household chores.


Toolshed organisation – Martha’s way!

tool shed boardMartha has made managing all your tools less cumbersome by suggesting a ‘Tool Wall’. The idea here is ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. She advised to put together a tool wall by hanging all your tools via nails on the wall above your workbench, then outlining these tools with felt tip marker.

Now the silhouettes of your absent tools will tell you to go looking for the missing ones and remind you if they are loaned to neighbors too!

Now that your work tools are set proceed to garden tools. Make a mini Garden tool center in your toolshed by utilising the unused space between the studs to conveniently hang garden tools, on bamboo or steel rods fixed between shed studs on brass brackets.

These rods can be easily removed to slip in spools of strings and tools using S-hooks. This also saves your floor space with no more hunts for tools from a single basket where everything rusts and gets tangled in strings.

If you keep a tool box handy keep it rust-free by placing charcoal briquettes in it. These briquettes absorb the moisture and keep your tools rust free. Your garden tools on the other hand can be kept sharp and safe from rust by storing their blades inserted in small bucket filled with sand mixed with motor oil.

brushes on a tool shed wallAs for your brushes the answer is magnetic knife holders sold at kitchen-supply stores. Bet you never saw that coming. Mounted conveniently on a wall the brushes can be easily air dried and this method also minimises bristle damage.

Lastly a recent family favorite addition to my toolshed: utilising an old cupboard, to store pots, buckets and other large tools, thus giving a vintage look to your shed. Adapting these little tips will make your toolshed a much more productive place.

Lambton Studio

Turn a garden shed into your ‘my-space’

In this day and age of constant hustle and bustle, it’s quite difficult to find the perfect time and spot to relax and refresh yourself. Most people find it difficult to let loose even after work. At home men tend to bring back the office work and women rarely step outside of kitchen. But to maintain a healthy lifestyle everybody needs some my- time.

To facilitate this exclusive my-time why not pick a spot far enough to be a secluded and near enough to be there at a moment’s notice. This perfect spot is your garden, hence install a garden shed and convert it into your own paradise. A Garden shed can be adapted into your small personal space. It can be transformed into an out-of-the-way office at home, a small bedroom or an individualised art studio.

Garden shed: A room full of ideas

The internet is full of ideas about utilising your garden shed as a personalised room. As a bedroom it can be used as a private getaway to get away from your boisterous kids or siblings to get your work done in peace or to catch a nap before dinner.

Pinehaven garden shed If you have a habit to bring your office work home, it can be turned into a simple office at home with a work desk to keep your wife off your back about excessive work hours. A garden shed can even be used as a full time office for small local businesses. It is the perfect spot for a permanent office for any ambitious house wife wanting to start her own business yet is unwilling to leave small kids behind at home.

With the wide ranging and accommodating features now available in sheds it is easy yet economical to get the shed that suits your requirements installed. Depending on the space you have available at your expanse a shed can be big enough to be used as a walk-in art studio of sorts, and it can also be small and cozy enough to be used as stand up store room for your stuff. Convert your garden shed into your personalised space and utilise your free time and finances wisely.