Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a great addition to every home. They look great and make growing vegetables an easier and more enjoyable task. We have garden beds available in natural pine or corrugated iron. Cloche frames and a range of covers (frost cloth, plastic etc) are available for the pine models. Made from long lasting, non-toxic materials, these will look great in your garden.

Pine weathers over time to a silver finish, or it can be stained. Wide range of sizes available for both steel and pine garden beds.

Benefits Of Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds offer a significant number of benefits when compared to a traditional in ground garden, not the least being the ability to reduce the number of weeds that will grow in your vegetable garden. The soil in raised garden beds is isolated from the soil of the surrounding gardens, and is less likely to be infested with weeds. Surrounding grasses from lawns will find raised garden beds more difficult to access. Like all garden beds, weeding will be required initially and will reduce over time.

Raised garden beds can extend the planting season significantly as the soil will warm faster. When used in conjunction with close plant spacing your raised vegetable garden bed will create a microclimate which will contain moisture and further discourage weeds. Another useful advantage of raised vegetable garden beds is that, since the gardener does not walk on the garden bed, the soil does not become compacted. The soil will remain light and loose allowing it to hold more air and permitting the roots of your vegetables to grow with less effort.