Timber Garden Shed FAQ’s

What is the warranty?

A 10 year materials warranty is standard on all Pinehaven timber garden sheds & buildings. Subject to the shed being correctly installed in a suitable location and all exterior surfaces maintained in accordance with the assembly instructions.


Does it require painting or staining?

We recommend you paint or stain your Pinehaven building as it will prolong the life of it. More details can be found in the assembly instructions.


Is internal lining supplied?

Heavy paper lining is standard with all timber garden sheds and studios. Kids cubbies and courtyard cupboards are not supplied with lining. You can also upgrade from heavy paper lining to a fire rated building paper if you wish.


What windows are available?

All standard windows are aluminium framed and on most models are 600mm x 600mm. Check floor plan to see what windows come standard with each model. You can add or delete windows in any Pinehaven building and have the option of fixed or opening windows. You can request reveals if you are planning on lining the shed. You can place windows and doors in any wall panel position in Pinehaven small buildings.


What doors are available?

Pinehaven sheds come with a hinged timber door with a standard width of 760mm. You can increase door width from 760mm to 900mm. Double doors are optional on most models (except Chalet style sheds). An aluminium ranchslider (1800mm wide by 2000mm high) is standard in a Lambton. An aluminium rancherslider can be fitted to all models that have a gable roof but the wall stud height must be increased to 2000mm.


How are they locked?

Pinehaven garden sheds comes standard with a padbolt. You may upgrade from a padbolt to a locking handle for added security.


Are floors available?

Only courtyard cupboards come with a floor kit included. An optional treated timber floor kit is available for all models. This allows you to place the shed directly onto a level surface. If building your own floor check the Pinehaven floor plans and deduct 10mm off the length and width of each model. If you are unsure please check with us. You can also lay your own concrete floor if preferred.


How long do I have to wait.

Due to huge demand and supply chain issues at present there is a two to three month manufacturing time.


What about roof options?

Pinehaven sheds and buildings come with a NZ Steel roof. The standard colour is Karaka, a very deep green. Other NZ Steel colours are available as an optional extra. Excludes Gazebo’s and Summerhouses which come with a cedar roof.


Do I need a building consent?

To the best of our knowledge you currently do not need a consent if the shed is under 10 square metres. Sheds are also required to be their own height away from the boundary and other buildings. If you are concerned please check with your Council.


How level should the site be?

Any building is only as good as the foundations it sits on. A garden shed built on uneven ground will never be as good as if you had taken time to prepare the site properly. It may be difficult to fit the roof correctly and doors may not open and close properly due to the walls being twisted out of shape by the floor. Take your time and prepare the site properly.


Do you offer an assembly service?

All our sheds are sold in kit set form, however we do have approved assembly persons throughout NZ. In Hamilton or Tauranga please contact us directly. If you are outside these areas please contact Kitset Assembly Services. Tell them the model of the shed and your location and they will give you a quote to build it.