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5 tips to your healthiest garden ever

Do you love gardening, but find that getting the healthiest and happiest garden just doesn’t happen for you? You are not alone. Unless you are born with a green thumb, or an experienced gardener, the dream garden may just seem completely unattainable.

You may go through many mishaps, and gardening can be full of trial and error. But your healthy, happy garden is not far away. All you need to do is apply these five little secrets and you will be on the right path sooner than you realise.

First you must have the right tools

Before you do anything in a garden, you need to be prepared. Invest in some high quality tools for gardening. Planting, pruning, and digging will be much easier for you with good tools. You will also be able to focus on your plants and not on stumbling with tools. You also need the right shed to house those tools. This kitset garden shed will keep your tools neat and tidy and safe from the elements.


Garden with Mother Nature not against it

Using pesticides and other chemicals is not in line with Mother Nature and won’t result in a health garden. Don’t battle with nature, choose plants that can thrive in your gardening area. Some great ideas for a healthy garden include:

  • Making your own compost pile
  • Choosing organic growth materials
  • Grow plants that attract butterflies, bees, and even birds


Plan a garden that is the right size

Be honest with yourself. You must size the garden according to your ability and willingness to care for it. Ask yourself a few simple questions before you begin planting your garden.

  • How much time do you have?
  • What kind of energy can you put into gardening?
  • Do you have the know-how for certain plants?

If you plant a garden that is too large you may end up not having time to keep it up. You can also get overwhelmed and exhausted. Either way, if your garden isn’t the right size for you, you will not enjoy it as you should. If your not happy it will show in the garden with unhealthy and unhappy plants.


Choose the plants you love

The secret to growing a healthy garden is starting off with plants that you love. If you love what you have planted you will be more likely to take care of it. This means you will actually be in your garden more watching it grow, taking care of it through the seasons, and maintaining it. This will make your garden happy.


healthy garden lawn

Be proud of your garden and let it show

Once you have put in all the hard work and love, you don’t want it to be kept a secret. Show off your garden. Show it off as much as you can. Throw a party in the yard, inspire your friends and family to start a garden of their own. When you trim your flowers, share them, hand them out to those you know. If you have a vegetable garden, give some of your harvest to the neighbors.

With the right kitset garden shed, housing the right gardening tools, and the right frame of mind, you can transform your garden into the healthiest and happiest garden on the block.