Steel Shed FAQ’s


Which is the right shed for me?

We have a shed for almost everyones budget and requirements. No doubt you will compare the sheds we offer with different manufacturer’s sheds. Some manufactuers have entry level shed ranges that are built to a price. While there is generally nothing wrong with these sheds the cost cutting can be seen if you know what to look for. Using thinner guage steel or having shorter walls than other sheds all help to keep costs down. Check the warranty as the cheaper sheds may not have you covered for as long as ours:


What is the difference between the Galvo and the GM sheds?

See the full shed comparison here.


What is coloured steel and Alu-Zinc?

Alu-Zinc is iron coated with zinc and aluminium to protect the iron from rusting.  A coloured steel finish has colour applied over a series of primer coats on top of the Alu-Zinc giving additional protection. We recommend the coloured steel finish for coastal or high-sulphur areas.


What colour is Alu-Zinc?

It’s best described as a mottled, silvery grey finish.


Can I paint Alu-Zinc?

You can, but it is a bit of a process. Similar to painting a corrugated iron roof, so suggest you do your own research to decide if it’s something you want to do.


How high are the sheds?

The lowest point of the wall is 1.83m. This is measured at the top of the front or back wall on a gable roof shed, or at the back wall (the low side) of a sloped roof shed.


How wide is the door opening?

Standard single door opening is 755mm, while the double doors generous 1550mm wide opening provides easy access.


Can doors be moved to the end wall?

On Garden Master sheds the door can be moved anywhere you would like it. If moving to the end wall there is a small extra charge.


Can I have a sliding door?

Sliding doors are available as an optional extra on Garden Master sheds.


How much is freight?

It varies depending on the product. Please add the products to your cart and when you start to checkout it will calculate and display the freight charge (if any).


How do I hang tools or fit shelves to my shed?

In our accessories section you will find shelf brackets and tool racks that allow you to make maximum use of the available space.


Does the shed have a timber frame?

No. The design of the shed eliminates the need for a timber frame. The shed panels and channels form a tension membrane once correctly assembled.


What floor is best for my shed?

All sheds need a floor of some description to provide strength, rigidity and a means of anchoring them down. A concrete or timber floor can be used and we can supply you with a treated timber floor in kit set form to suit our garden sheds. To help you get the best moisture resistant flooring for your shed, we suggest building the floor in the way shown on our specification sheet, so that water runs outside the shed and not across the floor.

Do not be tempted to try and use a pallet or a few boards as the floor is a critical part of your shed and is worth building properly. We suggest all sheds have a floor with extra hold down fixings in windy areas.

Download the Garden Master and Galvo Floor Plan which has full specifications on concrete and timber floors for your shed.


How many floor clamps are needed?

4 clamps for small sheds, 8 – 12 for larger sheds on concrete floor. On the product page for each shed you will see an option to add a recessed or flat floor clamp set. Doing this will ensure you get the right quantity.


How long will I have to wait?

You will normally receive your Galvo Shed within 10 working days, but a Garden Master Shed may take 15 working days due to them being made on demand.


How long will it take to assemble

This varies from person to person and will depend on your past experience. Generally half to 1 day will be enough, but allow more time for the larger sheds. A 2nd person to help you build the shed will be useful


Will my shed come with a hold down kit?

Hold downs for steel sheds are available. In the accessories section there are 2 different types of hold down clamps suitable for concrete floors. Choose the correct type of clamp based on whether you have a flat floor or a recessed floor.

If you order a timber floor you will not need hold down clamps. The shed can be nailed to the floor and the weight should be sufficient to hold it down. In high wind areas we recommend pegging your wooden floor down as well.


What custom sizes can the Garden Master sheds be made to?

We need to make the sheds in increments that equal the width of the rib profile (150mm) of the shed. Measurements are: 2.88m, 2.73m, 2.58m, 2.43m, 2.28m, 2.13m, 1.98m, 1.83m, 1.68m, 1.53m, 1.38m


What are the colours you do?

The range of available colours is shown in the product description for each shed. The Garden Master sheds come in a wider ranger of colours than the Galvo sheds.


What is the floor made out of?

All “runners” are H4 treated pine, and all boards are H3 treated. You do not require any clamps with wooden floors.


Are the sheds waterproof?

The sheds are waterproof, but be aware that condensation can form in cold, damp climates.


Can I have any size and colour?

Each shed will show the colour options available for you to choose. The Galvo range comes in a small range of colours. The Garden Master sheds have a wider colour range and can also be “mix & matched”. You can have a different roof, wall, trim and door colour if you wish. If you want to order a Garden Master shed with several colours please advise us at time of ordering what your choices are.


Can I change a flat roof to a sloping roof (or a sloping roof to gable roof)?

Yes this can be done on Garden Master sheds only. Sheds are upgradeable at extra cost to the next roof model only. All flat roof models can be upgraded to a slope roof, and all slope roof models are available with a gable roof. You cannot get a flat roof model with a gable roof, nor can you have a gable roof with a flat or sloping roof. Please email us regarding pricing for these options and we will provide you with a quote.


Are screws or rivets used for assembly?

We supply screws and rivets for use with Zincalume sheds. Coloured rivets are supplied with colour sheds, but screws are not an option.


What tools do I need?

Just basic tools that you will probably already have. You will need a drill, tape measure, screwdriver, ladder and in most cases a helping hand. The Coloursteel sheds are assembled using rivets (so you will need a riveter) but the Zincalume sheds can be screwed or riveted together.


Are the sheds low maintenance?

Our sheds are generally maintenance free, however if you are near the coast it will benefit from an occasional wash. Particularly under the roof overhang where the rain can’t get.


Do I need a building consent?

To the best of our knowledge you currently do not need a consent if the shed is under 10 square metres. Sheds are also required to be their own height away from the boundary and other buildings. If you are concerned please check with your Council.


How level should the site be?

Any building is only as good as the foundations it sits on. A garden shed built on uneven ground will never be as good as if you had taken time to prepare the site properly. It may be difficult to fit the roof correctly and doors may not open and close properly due to the walls being twisted out of shape by the floor. Take your time and prepare the site properly.


Do you have factory seconds for sale?

Sorry, no.


Can I come and see? Do you have somewhere in my town I can view?

We mainly sell over the internet, and have been supplying sheds to all corners for NZ for many years. We don’t have displays setup in other towns, however if you wish to view a shed first hand you can view one at our premises. We do ask that you call first to arrange a time to view though.


Do you offer an assembly service?

All our sheds are sold in kit set form, however we do have approved assembly persons throughout NZ. Please contact Pegasus Garden Shed Assemblers on 0800 548 269. Tell them the model of the shed and your location and they will give you a quote to build it.