General Questions

Are the sheds waterproof?

The sheds are waterproof when built correctly, but be aware that condensation can form on the underside of the roof in cold, damp climates.

Can I customise my shed?

Some brands of sheds can be customised, including Garden Master, Pinehaven and cedar sheds. The width, depth, height and door position can be altered as well as adding windows, extra doors, clear roof panels etc. You’ll be able to choose some options/addons from the relevant product page (eg adding extra height to Garden Master sheds) but if you require something really specific it’s best to email us your requirements so we can give a customised quote.

Can I paint Alu-Zinc?

You can, but it is a bit of a process. Similar to painting a corrugated iron roof, so suggest you do your own research to decide if it’s something you want to do.

Can I use an existing concrete pad?

Garden Master, Galvo and timber sheds can easily be attached to an existing concrete pad, but you can get water seepage in heavy rain unless the slab has a rebated edge for the shed to sit in (i.e. the pad is flat) . Smartstore sheds are best secured to a new concrete pad as the wall sheets should come down lower than the bottom of the timber plate to prevent water seeping into the shed. You may wish to look at purchasing a timber floor kitset as well, as then the internal floor level is always going to be higher than the external ground level.

Do I need a building permit?

In NZ, garden sheds up to 30m2 in in size do not require building consent. But check with your local council for placement rules on your property.

Do you offer an assembly service?

We do have approved assembly providers throughout NZ. If you would like your shed assembled please try Pegasus Assembly Services if in the Waikato or Kitset Assembly Service for other areas.

How high are the sheds?

On Garden Master and Galvo sheds the lowest point of the wall is 1.83m. Except for the smaller sheds (0.8 or 1.1m deep) which are 1.77m high.  This is measured at the top of the front or back wall on a gable roof shed, or at the back wall (the low side) of a sloped roof shed.

Pinehaven sheds have different heights depending on the model, but you can check the dimensions on the floorplan for each model.

How long will I have to wait for my shed to arrive?

Check our current estimated lead times.

How long will it take to assemble?

This will depend a bit on your DIY abilities. Typically half a day for smaller sheds, up to 1 day for larger ones. Allow another 30 minutes or so for a timber floor. Qwikbuild sheds can be done in as little as 90 minutes.

Is a timber or concrete floor best?

A kitset timber floor can be ordered along with your shed and is cheaper and easier for most people than pouring a concrete floor. They are strong and quick to assemble. Timber floors include treated bearers and floor boards and are made to sit directly on grass, dirt, gravel – or on top of existing hard surfaces.

Bear in mind that if pouring a concrete floor for SmartStore sheds the slab size is very important due to the wall sheets coming down lower than the internal floor level. And if pouring a floor for a Garden Master or Galvo shed a rebated edge is recommended (they can also go onto a flat slab) so that the walls come down lower than the internal floor level. We can provide specs on this upon request.

Is my shed low maintenance?

Our sheds are generally maintenance free, however if you are near the coast we recommend you wash your shed more often than your car. This is most important under the roof overhang where the rain does not reach.

What are the delivery options?

All of our products are supplied in kitset form to make delivery affordable and easy, but options do vary between the product ranges. Freight options are explained in each products description, and if you add to cart and then proceed to checkout it will calculate and show any applicable charge.

  • For our steel garden sheds the price includes free delivery to Mainfreight or PBT depots nationwide.
  • Galvo & GardenMaster sheds do have urban home delivery options available at checkout.
  • Pinehaven sheds can be delivered to your home in urban areas.
  • Cedar or Qwikbuild sheds are pickup only from the freight depot due to size and weight. We can obtain home delivery charges for these, but it generally is not cheap sadly. Best to pickup with a trailer.
  • We cannot deliver to Islands (Waiheke, Stewart etc) only to mainland locations.
  • RD addresses will generally need to pickup from a freight depot in their nearest town.
  • If you have one of the installation companies building your shed, they usually can provide a pickup service from the depot and bring it with them.

Check each product individually for freight costs and options or contact us.

Some products can only be delivered to the nearest Mainfreight or PBT depot and will need to be collected from there, where they will forklift it onto your trailer/vehicle.

Products that must be collected from depot are:

  • Galvo and Garden Master sheds that include a kitset floor (if no floor then we can do home delivery)
  • Garden Master sheds that are customised to include extra wall height
  • All timber sheds
  • All SmartStore sheds

Products that can be delivered to urban home addresses:

  • Galvo sheds that do not include a timber floor
  • Garden Master sheds that do not include a timber floor or have extra wall height added

We will advise in all instances if there is to be any extra charge over and above that shown within this website.

Many of our packages are heavy and/or bulky. The delivery truck will have a tail lift to lower the pallet off the truck onto your property. The truck will need solid, flat ground (concrete) to tail lift onto. The site must have easy access for the truck to get in and out of. We have no control over what trucks and equipment are used to deliver the order.

If you have opted for home delivery and the freight company determines that it is not possible for their truck to access the property and unload, we will refund the delivery fee you have paid, but we are not responsible for non-delivery or for arranging alternate means of delivery.

*Excludes Greymouth, Cromwell and Coromandel areas – please contact us for a freight price.

Which is the right shed for me?

We have a shed for almost everyones budget and requirements. No doubt you will compare the sheds we offer with different manufacturer’s sheds.

Some manufactuers have entry level shed ranges that are built to a price. While there is generally nothing wrong with these sheds the cost cutting can be seen if you know what to look for. Using thinner guage steel or having shorter walls than other sheds all help to keep costs down. Check the warranty as the cheaper sheds may not have you covered for as long as ours.

Will my shed have a timber frame?

Our Garden Master and Galvo sheds have a steel channel frame which forms a tension membrane when assembled correctly, eliminating the need for any extra framing. Also the deep ribbed profile of our cladding is stronger and more rigid than used by some competitors.

SmartStore sheds have a semi-timber frame, and of course timber sheds have a timber frame.

Steel Sheds

Can doors be moved to the end wall?

On Garden Master sheds the door can be moved anywhere you would like it, but not on Galvo models. There is an option to tick to relocate the door when you order the shed. If moving to the end wall there is a small extra charge.

Can I ask for my shed to be in several colours?

With Garden Master sheds you can mix & match almost any part of your shed. You can have your shed all one colour, or choose different roof, wall, door & trim colours. Match it or contrast it – the choice is yours.

Can I change the roof style (a sloping roof to gable roof)?

For Garden Master sheds that are 1530 – 1830mm deep you have the option of changing the standard sloped roof to a gable roof. Please email us regarding pricing if you wish to change from sloped roof to gable.

Can I have a sliding door instead of a hinged door?

Sliding doors are available as an optional extra on the Garden Master range only.

Can I have any size and colour?

Each shed will show the colour options available for you to choose. The Galvo range comes in a small range of colours. The Garden Master sheds have a wider colour range and can also be “mix & matched”. You can have a different roof, wall, trim and door colour if you wish. If you want to order a Garden Master shed with several colours please advise us at time of ordering what your choices are.

How do sliding and hinged doors compare?

Hinged doors are a simple, effective door and come standard on all garden sheds we sell. They are strong and secure.  Garden Master sheds can be designed to use external sliding door(s). Sliding doors have the advantage that they don’t blow around in the wind when open or if you have limited space for swinging open a hinged door. Cheaper sheds sometimes have internal sliding doors. and should be avoided as they can be problematic on the long run.

How many floor clamps are needed?

Clamps come in packs of eight, so you’ll either receive one pack or two. On the product page for each shed you will see an option to add a recessed or flat floor clamp set. Doing this will ensure you get the right quantity.

How much is freight?

We offer free delivery to any PBT (or Mainfreight) depot in NZ. Find your nearest depot here. If you have a Rural Delivery (RD) address please pickup from your nearest depot.

Home delivery is available in urban areas for Galvo & GardenMaster sheds providing a kitset floor is not included, or extra wall height has not been added to a Garden Master shed.

  • North Island: $75
  • South Island: $90

What custom sizes can the Garden Master sheds be made to?

We need to make the sheds in increments that equal the width of the rib profile (150mm) of the shed. Measurements are: 2.88m, 2.73m, 2.58m, 2.43m, 2.28m, 2.13m, 1.98m, 1.83m, 1.68m, 1.53m, 1.38m

What is Alu-Zinc?

Steel with a protective zinc & aluminium coating. Your new shed will retain its great looks for years and the All-Zinc process been tried and tested in NZ and around the world.

What is the difference between alu-zinc and coloured steel?

The coloured steel finish is essentially an alu-zinc shed with a factory powdercoated finish applied to it in the same was as steel roofing is manufactured. It is an easy, long lasting way to have a ‘painted’ shed without the hassle of priming and painting it yourself.

What is the floor made out of?

All runners are H4 treated pine, and all floorboards are H3 treated. You do not require any clamps with wooden floors.

What tools are needed for assembly?

For Garden Master and Galvo  sheds you will need a drill and bits, screwdriver, pop riveter, tape measure, ladder, hammer. Some vice grips and tin snips or side cutters are also helpful. Assembly is best done when it’s not windy. Get a friend to help and it will make the job faster & easier as well!

SmartStore sheds will also need a hex head driver bit, square driver bit and nail punch.

Why buy a Garden Master or Galvo shed?

Because you can choose a custom built or standard design shed made right here in NZ. Did we mention they are also built to last and easy to assemble?

Will my shed come with a hold down kit?

Hold downs for steel sheds are available. In the accessories section there are 2 different types of hold down clamps suitable for concrete floors. Choose the correct type of clamp based on whether you have a flat floor or a recessed floor.

If you order a timber floor you will not need hold down clamps. The shed can be nailed to the floor and the weight should be sufficient to hold it down. In high wind areas we recommend pegging your wooden floor down as well.

Timber Sheds & Buildings

How much is freight?

It varies from product to product. Some products are free, others will be calculated at checkout depending on the product and option you choose. If your are rural delivery we may need to quote on freight.

Why get a timber garden shed?

Timber sheds are popular for a few reasons:

  • Stylish and attractive
  • Pre-built wall panels means they are often easier and quicker to erect
  • The full timber frame creates a strong shed as well as making it easier to line with ply or attach items such as shelving
  • Condensation is less of an issue than with steel garden sheds



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