New Zealand’s most adaptable fencing system

Ideal for DIY projects, anyone with basic handyman skills could construct an attractive and durable fence which will add value and privacy to your property. Simply install the posts, slide in your choice of panels and with a few finishing touches, you’re done

New Zealand’s most adaptable fencing system The SECTOR fencing system is available in a choice of 5 panel types to suit all your requirements.

Choose Frontier for simple, cost-effective yard enclosures, or combine with Borderline with slat infills. Blockade is ideal for front and road-facing areas where noise reduction is a priority, while Styleline will achieve that customised, contemporary look. Alternatively, install Breezeline to provide privacy and security without completely obscuring your view.

The system is totally flexible and adaptable. All panels are compatible and can be combined in whichever configuration you require to protect and complement your property.

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Why choose SECTOR?

Strong, versatile, easy to install and built to last. With great sound
barrier qualities and a choice of options to add value to your


The composite wall panels laminated with fibre cement board in the Blockade range have highly effective noise reduction properties. With a 20+dB audible reduction in traffic and general neighbourhood noise, this fencing system is ideal if minimising roadside noise is a priority.


For most residential properties, the entire fence can be installed within a day. Utilising a brilliantly designed modular system and simple installation method, you too can have that designer ‘wow’ look overnight and make your neighbours jealous.


Featuring simple DIY installation methods, the entire SECTOR Fencing range is popular with homeowners wishing to install their own fence. Measure the length of fencing required and a simple calculation will allow you to order the correct number of panels and posts. Once the postholes have been dug and posts inserted, the standard length panels can be quickly slotted into place. Of course, we are here to help with any questions you have, or if you need an accredited installer.

Stunning and adaptable

SECTOR composite panel sections are designed to be painted using standard exterior acrylic paint finishes or textured coatings, allowing you to match your fence to the colour of your home. By including decorative slats, the Styleline panel system creates a stylish and customised look to complement the features of any home. Opt for slats with Borderline sheeting sections for a cost-effective solution, or use Breezeline to enclose and protect private areas. Any combination will add the finishing touch to your new boundary investment.


10 years



Gate and hardware options

fence types


Component list

The SECTOR fencing range includes everything you need to easily complete your chosen fence.



Other post configurations

See below the different configurations for the sector posts. You may need to order additional posts
when ordering your fencing.
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