Value For Money Steel Garden Sheds

We know our steel garden sheds are great value for money, long lasting and solid. So what makes our  Galvo Sheds (GVO) and Garden Master sheds (GM) and SmartStore sheds so good, and how do they differ?

Garden Sheds Built Tough

Decades of experience in manufacturing steel garden sheds has led to a proven and simple design.

Garden Master and Galvo Premium steel garden sheds are made from high tensile steel, roll-formed into deep, closely spaced ribs with heavy gauge channels. These panels are then joined together to form a strong tension membrane. It’s a system that withstands strong winds when assembled and anchored correctly, and makes extra framework unnecessary.

SmartStore sheds do include a timber top and bottom plate which is convenient  if you wish to perhaps build shelving inside or additional framing and lining. It also means there is no bottom wall channel which improves water runoff.

Kit Set Sheds That Are Easy To Assemble

Our steel garden sheds have become known New Zealand wide as the easy to assemble garden shed.  Clear, step by step instructions will come with your shed along with all the screws, nails and rivets needed to complete the job.

There are also assemblers such as Kitset Assembly Services or Pegasus Assembly Services who can build it for you.