kitset garden shed

My experience of building a kitset garden shed

The big day has arrived. You have just received the shed that you ordered in perfect condition. Now it’s time to erect it! Your ‘better-half’s’ telling you to call that number the website has to order the assembly guys. You pick up the phone, start to dial then stop mid-action… the weekend is just around the corner. Why not assemble and erect your new kitset garden shed by yourself?

It’s the perfect idea – your best friend owe you big time. It’s the perfect way to make him pay for all the trouble he caused with getting you help with building his new deck. This is how my story of ‘the Kitset Assembly Saga’ began.

The Garden Master & Galvo kitset garden sheds are allegedly the most stress-free and easiest to assemble garden sheds. It was time to test their claims! After all, even their website says that “All you need is a drill, screwdriver, riveter and maybe an extra pair of hands.” I happened to have all of these at my disposal. The shed came along with all the screws and rivets that were needed. So after a heated discussion with ‘dear wife’ and the reluctant ‘extra pair of hands’ named Adrian I decided that ‘Yes, I can’ assemble my own kitset garden shed.

So, as per Adrian’s brilliant idea, we started the big task on Saturday afternoon so that if the work took longer than expected, we will still be able to complete it by Sunday. The only downside we overlooked here was, my ‘beloved’ wife had the whole Saturday night to badger me about my lazy and faulty workmanship if things went bad.

Thankfully, with the help of clear and accurate, step by step instructions that were also delivered in digital format along with the shed, we managed to complete the shed beautifully (if I do say so myself) by midday Sunday. Even Adrian was impressed with the end result. With just a bit of teamwork and a good dedicated effort, ‘the man who couldn’t fix a running tap’ managed to assemble and erect his own kitset garden shed.

kitset garden shed in zincalume finish