aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera- The Wonder Plant

Summer’s here, therefore, for all the people who have to be outside without shade in this scorching weather, it’s time to start investing in good old expensive sunscreen creams and lotions. However, another much cheaper alternative to this malady is a dollop of aloe Vera gel. Therefore, this summer why not invest in planting an aloe Vera plant in your garden as well?

Aloe Vera plants prefer warmer weather so this is the perfect time to plant a few pots of this plant. Aloes desire warmth so in cooler regions, it is better to keep these plants potted so you can place them near a sunny window inside your house, rather than to plant it permanently in gardens outdoors. The root structure of an aloe plant is quite shallow so wide pots with drainage holes can hold the plant better than deeper ones.

aloe veraThe aloe plants can be bought from any garden shop or it can be propagated from its cutting. Either way it holds its own well and is the perfect plant for forgetful owners. A pot filled with any good general purpose potting mix with extra perlite can hold the aloe plant. This plant requires to be fertilised just once in a year in warm weather with half strength fertiliser.

The key to a healthy aloe plant is not to over water it. This plant can survive up to a month without water but can decay easily when left standing submerged in water. The easiest and surest way to water aloe is by letting the soil soak water completely before watering it again.


This succulent plant will be your friend in harsh weather by treating the worst sunburns overnight. Aloe gel can also be used as baby nappy rash cream and a spoon of aloe gel with a spoon of glycerin makes the perfect rash cream for all skin types.