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Why cheap garden sheds aren’t good value

If you’re in need of additional storage space, you may be tempted to consider cheap garden sheds to help you solve this dilemma. Inexpensive sheds could provide you with much-needed storage space rather quickly; however, they could come with their own set of problems. Here are some reasons why you should reconsider cheap storage buildings in favor of ones that are better quality.

Manufacturers of cheap garden sheds often skimp on materials, particularly when it comes to the roof. As a result, the roof could be subject to collapse should there be a heavy snowfall, as can happen in the colder areas of New Zealand. This could result in your items being damaged, not to mention the fact that a repair job could cost almost as much as the shed did initially – if you can get parts!

Cheap garden sheds often come without floors in them as well. Every one of our sheds needs a floor or base as a structural part of the shed, so a kitset floor which suits the shed can be handy, save you time and money. If you already have a concrete pad to sit your shed on you may still wish to have a timber floor to raise your items up off the concrete floor, keeping they dryer.

Cheap garden shedsCheap garden sheds could also have doors that are poorly constructed. This is an ideal situation for thieves, because it means they can easily tamper with the locks or even the doors themselves in order to gain access. You could easily lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of lawn and garden equipment because you are unable to secure your belongings properly.


In the long run, spending the extra money for a well-built garden shed makes good sense for a number of reasons. Not only will your shed be more attractive, but it will also be more functional and need fewer repairs, meaning you could actually notice a greater return on your investment than if you chose cheap garden sheds instead.