garden master shed

Choosing the right garden storage shed

Sooner or later every home needs extra storage space. Garden storage sheds can provide safe, secure storage and are very affordable. Find out why quality is important.

Storage space is at a premium in any home, and that applies to outdoors as well as in. If you’re searching for someplace to store anything from lawn clippers to a ride on mower, a handy garden shed may be just what you need.


Don’t Be Tempted By Low Cost

When it comes to garden sheds its fair to say there is a huge number of sheds on the market. Trying to compare garden storage sheds from different manufacturers, in different stores and made from different materials is time consuming and confusing. You may be tempted by the low cost garden sheds available in some stores, on Trademe or the internet but we suggest you give the purchase of a new garden shed some consideration.

One of the most popular garden sheds in New Zealand is the kit set steel shed. There is almost certainly a size and style of shed to suit every storage problem. Modern steel garden sheds come in many different colours, roof designs, door configurations, and price ranges.


Sizes To Suit All Back Yards

You’ll find shed kits in sizes ranging from as small as around 1.5 x 0.8m to 3.8 x 3.8m or maybe even larger. Smaller sheds often have only a single door and usually have a flat or sloping roof. These garden storage sheds can have limited headroom. With larger garden sheds, you get double doors and enough clear height inside to stand and move around comfortably.

Steel sheds are sold in kit form, and while they are designed to be assembled by anyone with a few basic hand tools, some designs will prove more challenging than others. The typical garden shed kit has a plastic bag full of what seems like enough screws, nuts, bolts and rivets to build 10 garden sheds.  This is one time when the Kiwi tradition of “referring to the instructions as a last resort” shouldn’t be followed. Fortunately, a few minutes spent reading the instructions at the start will make it easy work later on.


Ready To Assemble

When you are ready to assemble your garden shed you should unpack it and check that all the parts are there and in good condition.  In the unlikely event that part of your garden shed is missing or damaged, you should be able to go back to the supplier (hopefully that’s us) for a prompt replacement part. As our garden sheds are made right here in New Zealand, there is no issue with replacement parts.


Easy To Follow Instructions

white garden Storage Shed with blue doorWe have all been frustrated by inadequate or poorly worded instructions when assembling kitset furniture or perhaps even garden sheds you have built before.  A good garden shed should come with great instructions. 38 years of manufacturing garden sheds has allowed Garden Master to fine tune their instructions to make assembling their garden sheds as simple as possible.  You may find a cheaper garden shed, but if it takes you twice as long to erect it, was the saving really worth it?