Planting Guide 2023: Vegetables

We all make resolutions each year to live more enjoyable and fulfilling lives to counter busy work schedules and filled-up calendars. This can include getting active daily in our routines and spending more time outdoors. One way you can achieve this is by adding kitset sheds to your outdoor space to house all your tools and make better use of your garden this year.

Gardening is therapeutic and a pleasant pastime to indulge in. It lets you unwind outdoors, with no pressure and adds to your outdoor space. But it can also encourage a healthier lifestyle, especially if you decide to start planting vegetables.

Here’s our guide to the best seedlings and plants to get started with this year.


As you get older, you may find your greens a lot more palatable than you did when younger. This includes chard or silverbeet. It is one of the easiest vegetables to grow, and it can be picked all year round. There are also several variants to enhance your dishes, from orange and yellow leaves to deep crimson.


Tomatoes come in all different types and colours, so the choice is really yours when buying seedlings. They are ideal for fresh salads in summer to warm soups in cooler months. They add a vibrant and fresh flavour to any dish. The good news is that they are ideal to grow throughout the year too.


Lettuce is a great addition to any garden because the lettuce family consists of many varieties, colours and flavours. Lettuce is also surprisingly easy to grow and is relatively low-maintenance. Some variants grow throughout the year, while others thrive in specific seasons.


These vegetables require more effort than others, but if you are up for the challenge they can be quite rewarding. Most variants take up to a month before you harvest them. Additionally, you can pick them up throughout the year once you have a good crop on the go.

Now that you have an idea of what is best to grow this year in your garden, you can start by organising your tools and shopping for kitset sheds in NZ to help you get started. Our sheds are extremely durable and dependable, ensuring you cost savings for years to come. Buy yours online today or contact us at the Garden Shed Company to learn more about our products.