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Sector Panel Fencing

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Sector Fencing offers a simple, modular and easily constructible fencing solution that can be tailored to add a stylish touch to any home.

Ideal for DIY projects, anyone with basic handyman skills could construct an attractive and durable fence which will add value and privacy to your property. Simply install the posts, slide in your choice of panels and with a few finishing touches, you’re done.


Homeowners increasingly must find ways to maintain peace and quiet with fewer barriers from neighbors as dwellings are being built closer together. The Blockade range of composite wall panels featuring laminated fibre cement boards offer excellent acoustic qualities, reducing traffic and general neighborhood noise by up to 20 dB. This fencing system is a great option for anyone needing to minimize roadside noise.


The Sector Fencing range is gaining popularity among homeowners looking for a DIY fence installation. To ensure the correct amount of fence is ordered, simply measure the required length and use the associated calculation. Once all postholes are excavated and posts are inserted, the standard length panels can be easily fitted into place.


The Sector range of panel fencing has been designed with New Zealand’s unique climate in mind. The 90 x 90mm back-to-back square post, specifically developed for this range, has undergone extensive testing and proven to be the strongest post available. Reports from experienced fencing installers have shown that these posts resist flexing in strong winds even before panels are attached, unlike other systems on the market.

The New Zealand sun is known for its intense ultraviolet radiation, and for over 40 years the Sector Coloured Steel range has been a popular choice in Garden Master Sheds.

Sector fencing is protected with a multi-layered colour coating system, which is layered over alu-zinc at 150 gsm to prevent rust and posts are coated with 275 gsm of zinc coating before paint layers are applied. This product is backed by a 10 year warranty due to our 40 years of experience in the trade and the assurance that these fences will remain standing long after we have gone.


The Sector composite panel sections are designed to ensure a seamless finish with their flexibility to be painted using standard exterior acrylic paint finishes or textured coatings. This allows you to achieve a cohesive aesthetic between your fence and your home. Adding decorative slats, such as the Styleline panel system, creates a stylish and customised look that complements the features of any home.

For a cost-effective solution, choose the Borderline sheeting sections accompanied by Breezeline to enclose and protect private areas. Any combination of these options will add the perfect finishing touch to your boundary investment.


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