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How to arrange your tool shed like Martha Stewart

Saying that Martha Stewart is the queen of home keeping secrets is like shinning a beacon to the sun. Ms. Stewart’s tips and tricks for how to manage household chores and activities are used and commended by housewives and tradesmen all around the world.

These tips are very efficient yet they are also highly economical. So why not manage the most troublesome and usually neglected part of your house i.e. your toolshed by applying her time tested tricks. According to her, you don’t need to reinstall very nook and corner of your toolshed, just tweaking your current one can make it much more organised.

Although these tips may appear too easy, never underestimate the power of Martha Stewart’s organisational skills. This lady single handedly raised a multi-million dollar empire on household chores.


Toolshed organisation – Martha’s way!

tool shed boardMartha has made managing all your tools less cumbersome by suggesting a ‘Tool Wall’. The idea here is ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. She advised to put together a tool wall by hanging all your tools via nails on the wall above your workbench, then outlining these tools with felt tip marker.

Now the silhouettes of your absent tools will tell you to go looking for the missing ones and remind you if they are loaned to neighbors too!

Now that your work tools are set proceed to garden tools. Make a mini Garden tool center in your toolshed by utilising the unused space between the studs to conveniently hang garden tools, on bamboo or steel rods fixed between shed studs on brass brackets.

These rods can be easily removed to slip in spools of strings and tools using S-hooks. This also saves your floor space with no more hunts for tools from a single basket where everything rusts and gets tangled in strings.

If you keep a tool box handy keep it rust-free by placing charcoal briquettes in it. These briquettes absorb the moisture and keep your tools rust free. Your garden tools on the other hand can be kept sharp and safe from rust by storing their blades inserted in small bucket filled with sand mixed with motor oil.

brushes on a tool shed wallAs for your brushes the answer is magnetic knife holders sold at kitchen-supply stores. Bet you never saw that coming. Mounted conveniently on a wall the brushes can be easily air dried and this method also minimises bristle damage.

Lastly a recent family favorite addition to my toolshed: utilising an old cupboard, to store pots, buckets and other large tools, thus giving a vintage look to your shed. Adapting these little tips will make your toolshed a much more productive place.