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Why Are Kitset Sheds More Cost Effective?

Sheds are extremely useful to have on your property. They provide extra work, play and storage space, while improving the safety and value of the property.

However, having contractors come into your garden to erect a shed for you can be an inconvenience, not to mention expensive ‒ over and above the cost of the materials.

However, the good news is that you can order kitset sheds in NZ from us at The Garden Shed Company. Let’s take a look at why ordering a kitset shed from us is a good financial decision:

No Labour Costs

Kitset sheds work out cheaper than those that need to be erected by a contractor or the supplier. The reason for this is that you don’t need to pay for the additional labour since you’ll be assembling and erecting the shed yourself.

Aside from perhaps asking a friend to help with the heavy lifting, all you will need is a fairly standard tool kit and a keen eye for following assembly instructions. You should be able to erect the shed in less than a day without contractors.

No Design Costs

Custom-designed sheds are more expensive because they require architectural planning and design work before having materials specially ordered and cut to size. This significantly increases the cost.

Kitset sheds are cheaper because they are not custom. Although there are a variety of options, most kitset sheds come in standard prefabricated kits, which are less expensive to produce thant bespoke units.

However, at The Garden Shed Company, we do offer bespoke sheds if that is what you desire. Speak to us to find out how we can assist you in this regard.

Low Overheads Means Lower Prices

While you could go and buy a kitset shed at a brick-and-mortar establishment, ordering your kitset shed from an online company like ours would be more cost effective.

Not only can we supply a wider range of kitset shed brands than most brick-and-mortar businesses can keep up with, but we also can do it more cost effectively because we don’t have many overheads. This means that we can afford to keep our prices lower, which makes it more of a bargain for you.

For the one of the best and widest ranges of kitset sheds in NZ, contact The Garden Shed Company today!