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Wooden garden sheds: Keeping the fairytale alive

In this day and age of steel and iron clad cold structures, some contact with nature is always a welcome change. Short of going all out and having a complete camping holiday in the great outdoors, there aren’t many options available to us today of having pure contact with nature. Even the public gardens in our cities are often devoid of soulful nature.

So why not bring on a bit of natural beauty within your own garden by installing a wooden garden shed? A wooden garden shed will not only add to the scenery of your garden but it will be the most effective option if you want to amend the structure of your shed according to your needs. You can enhance your plain old wooden shed to become your very own personal dream come true in real life.


A Wooden gardens shed can become your dream room

My childhood dreams like many other kids were to have my room decorated just like that candy hut Hansel and Gretel were drawn to in the woods. Now I can have my very own whimsical hut made out of my wooden garden shed. It is still a work in progress but the witch’s hut won’t be able to compete with my shed when I’m done with it.

Although I want to claim all of the sheds work to my own ingenuity, I can’t. Keeping an eye out for inspirations and listening to feedback and ideas from many of friends and family contributed in making my shed the wonder it is today.

wooden garden shedsI personally modified my shed. It was only possible because the sturdy and trust worthy wooden structure of shed gave me liberties to amend it beautifully, without causing any damage to the shed structure. My shed is a perfect fairytale inspiration but I had to install a fake chimney, so that a real fireplace does not become a fire hazard. Instead I used a fireplace depicting wall paper to give my small shed that feel without overcrowding the space. A rock pathway and recycled wooden fence that I made myself from a nearby demolished building gives my ordinary shed the feel of whimsy that I adore. My shed has become my artistic outlet as well as a perfect storage space and art studio. But my work is not yet done; hours and hours of enjoyable leisure time await me and my shed.