4 steps to new garden shed

4 Steps to a new garden shed

Step 1

When planning which garden shed is right for you, first consider how much room you are going to need. Normally garden sheds less than 10 square metres do not require a building permit. You will need to check with your local council if unsure.

A handy hint: If you have space in your backyard and the budget allows it, get a bigger garden shed than what you think you need now. You’ll be surprised how you will manage to fill it up!

Step 2

Once you have worked out the size of your garden shed you will need to choose where it will go in the garden. If the garden shed will be out of sight down the side of the house then a zincalume finish may be acceptable, and is cheaper than coloursteel. If the garden shed is going to be more visible then a coloursteel finish will be more attractive.

Our Galvo garden sheds offer a choice of 3 colours at very affordable prices. The Garden Master sheds have a much wider selection of colours and allow you to mix ‘n’ match colours to compliment your home.

Step 3

Depending on the size of garden shed you choose, there may also be a choice of roof type. Garden Master Sheds do have the flexibility for you to choose what type of roof you would like – flat, sloping or gable. Not all roof types are suitable for all size sheds so please check with us before ordering if you wish to change the shed roof.

How many doors does the shed have, and how many do you need? Do you need the doors in a specific location? The Galvo Sheds cannot be altered from the standard designs, however Garden Master Sheds are custom designed to suit your requirements. Doors can be in any location, side wall or end wall.

Step 4

Garden ShedTime to order your garden shed. At The Garden Shed Company we make it easy to order online, and can deliver your garden shed right to your door if required. Need a timber floor, shelving, or tool racks? Get maximum use out of your garden shed with the right accessories. Want someone to erect it for you? That’s no problem either with our nationwide assembly service.