garden oasis

Gardening tips to create a relaxing oasis in your garden

For those of us who love spending time in the garden, being outdoors and among nature can be a great way to relax. Take that relaxation to the next level by creating your own soothing spot with a few decor and gardening tips.

  • Find ways to ensure that gardening is enjoyable and not just another chore to check off a list. While many favorite plants will take time to nurture, these plants can be combined with more low maintenance varieties to cut back on time spent working and increase time spent relaxing.
  • Add seating in shaded areas. While sunlight is great, you’ll need some relief from the heat. Find a great spot under the trees or consider adding an umbrella or pergola to your garden design.
  • Give your garden visual appeal. Of course, your plants will be the star of the show in the garden. However, there are many other elements to consider. Choose planters and decor items in coordinating colors and beautiful finishes.
  • Create interest with textures. Gardening tips include more than just Species of plants and visual appeal. A soothing garden will work with all of the senses to create a relaxing experience. Choose plants that are soft, fuzzy, smooth, or textured to include the sense of touch.
  • Consider colors. When gardening, choose plants in soothing colors. Look for muted shades and soft tones that will help to give you a calm feeling when you’re lounging in your garden.
  • Choose curved lines. This tip is true for both plants and design features. When created your plant bed, use organic shapes rather than rectangles to create your outlines. Continue the theme when choosing seating and decorative items. Curved lines are much more calming than straight lines and sharp edges.
  • Including scents. The scent of a garden is one of the first elements that guests will notice when they enter. If calm is the feeling you’re looking for, choose scents that have been proven to have therapeutic effects. Lavender, honeysuckle, and primrose are all popular choices.

gardening tips to make an oasis with water featureHow do you like to relax in your outdoor oasis? Following these gardening tips will help you to create a space that you’ll be happy to come home to.