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Growing Your First Garden

After browsing through our Pinehaven tool sheds, you may find yourself racing towards your backyard with excitement, ready to start gardening. Growing your first garden can be an enjoyable experience and quickly become your favourite pastime. But for novice gardeners, it’s not as simple as just throwing a few seeds into the ground. It requires a little more care and effort, particularly in dry and cold seasons.

These are some of our top tips on growing your first garden to help you get started.

Find The Right Spot 

The success of your garden can sometimes come down to just two things: location and sunlight. If you decide to plant in a non-visible area of your property, you are likely to forget about daily watering and regular pruning. It’s also essential that your garden gets adequate sunlight but not too much.

Think About Water 

During cooler months, you are unlikely to be running around your garden with a hose pipe. This is why we suggest your garden is easily accessible and near a tap. You should be able to reach your garden with a hose pipe without walking very far.

Buy Suitable Plants 

Before you rush out to your local nursery to buy up all their stock, research your area and what will grow well there. Purchasing beautiful roses would be a waste if they simply do not survive in your garden due to the soil conditions. Likewise, seedlings that do not do well in our climate can also be unnecessarily expensive.

Don’t Forget The Seasons 

Speak to your neighbours with great gardens and find out how they maintain their outdoor areas during different seasons. This can be beneficial in keeping your garden alive during winter and avoiding dying plants in summer.

Most of us have high hopes of a lush, green garden from which we can pick herbs and vegetables in the coming months. But it can be a lengthy process and some can lose interest just as easily. But gardening can also be extremely fulfilling after you get the basics right.

Once you are ready to start your garden, give us a call to chat about our tool sheds to store your garden equipment inside, and let’s get you set up.