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To Shed Or Not To Shed ‒ Does Your Veggie Garden Need One?

If you are a veggie gardener or have an edible garden, you may or may not have a garden shed. Those green-fingered Kiwis who don’t have one will not have experienced the sublime convenience of having custom-built garden sheds and, therefore, could be hesitant in ordering one.

Yes, we’re a shed supplier, but that is not why we love them. We loved them first and then decided to start the business because more people need this convenience. Once a shed-owner, always a shed-owner, and here’s why.

Why Order A Custom-built Garden Shed?

When your custom-built garden shed arrives in your garden or on your section, you will quickly discover that a whole lot of convenience has just arrived! Within a few days, if not on the first day, you will fill it with your garden tools, barrow, lawnmower, multiple half-empty bags of plant food, soil, sand, compost, lime, bonemeal and stones, seedling trays, seeds, empty pots, border markers, veggie labels, gloves, boots, hats and more.

You can choose to lock your shed based on the value of the items within, but the main protection will be from the relentless weather conditions. Even our small Pinehaven Timber Garden Sheds can hold a surprising amount of products. If you prefer a multifunctional space, a Willis Studio would be a good option. Allocate some of the space to garden storage and the rest to your office with a desk and a couch.

When A Shed Is More Than A Store Room

If your garden shed is going to be an office, it would be good to add a rug, heating for winter and some decor. Then, voila, you have an idyllic, biophilic office surrounded by nature. It could also be an art studio, a meditation space or a fully kitted-out bar for your garden parties. The only limitation is your imagination!

There are many formats of sheds with different sizes and materials as well as the with-floor or without-floor option. To make it more multifunctional, it would be helpful to run a power cable to it for lighting and power points as well as a water feed. The water can dilute plant food, wash off the mud and, more importantly, be used to make coffee!

Where To Place Your Shed

Choose a firm, flat area to position your shed. The closer you place it to your main gardening or vegetable area, the more convenient it is. However, if you want seclusion, then you can merely use your wheelbarrow to transport your load of goods from the shed to the planting beds.

If you don’t have an ‘around-the-corner’ spot to seclude your shed (and it’s something that is important to you), then you can hide it in plain sight by growing climbing plants over it ‒ vines, creepers, beans, jasmine and so many more. Avoid ivy as it is excessively invasive and can break the shed structure.


Buying a shed will be the start of a lovely, renewed relationship with your garden. Everything can be tidied away and, if multifunctional, you will have a blissful office in nature!

Browse our shop and select your dream shed, or use our design tool to design your custom-built garden shed.