New range of low cost garden sheds

Maintaining a garden in New Zealand is not a luxury. Today, the environment needs more greenery to offset the damage done by mankind. Hence, having a garden has become a necessity. However, a lush garden with flowering plants and shrubs need some tender, loving care, and you can offer this with the right tools and implements. Thankfully, you don’t have to clutter your garage or spend more than you can afford when there are good quality, low cost garden sheds available.


Investing in a low cost garden shed

A low cost garden shed doesn’t mean low or poor quality. On the contrary, it refers to a shed that is durable, made from high quality materials and aesthetically pleasing without burning a hole in your pocket. And, it is possible to get such a shed.

Our new range of low cost Galvo garden sheds come in hazy grey coloured steel and offers you a bigger bang for your money.

These sheds come with a single or double door, depending on the dimensions. What makes these shed awesome is the space. The sheds offers spacious storage facilities that allow you to store your lawnmower as well as other gardening tools and implements.

The sizes range from 1.5 x 0.8 m to 3.0 x 3.0 m. The smaller sized sheds come with single door, while the bigger sized ones, from 3.0 m onwards come with double door.


Features of the low cost garden shed

All our Galvo sheds come with attractive features that make them a worthwhile investment. These features make the shed resilient, aesthetically pleasing and also durable.


Some of the features that these garden sheds boast of include:

  • A 15-year warranty
  • Zincalume trims and channels for superior water and snow dispersal
  • The anti-rust coloured steel is of 0.25 mm thickness laid on a galvanised base
  • Hinged doors that can be locked for added security
  • Easy to assemble, thanks to the large size of the sheets
  • Highly durable and sturdy because of the deep-ribbed profile
  • Made in New Zealand using latest technology
  • The shed comes with an internal diagonal door brace that makes it sturdier and more rigid


Here are some more reasons to opt for these low cost garden sheds that are manufactured in New Zealand:

  •  The sheets don’t have a sticky plastic cover that has to be removed before assembly
  • The Assembly Co, which is the leading installer in New Zealand, has approved these garden sheds for assembly
  • Any replacement part for the sheds are dispatched the same day

Hazy grey GVO1508 shed


These low cost garden sheds can be installed quickly and come with clear and precise instruction manual and DVD. We also are at your service should you require any assistance or have queries.

The sheds can be fixed to concrete or timber floor, depending on what you prefer. You can buy the timber floor kits from us at affordable prices.

So, go ahead and make a wise decision by opting for our range of low cost garden sheds. It will help to make your garden look more organised and allow you to use storage space more efficiently. We are certain you won’t be disappointed.