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How to successfully plant on hot days

There are plenty of outdoor activities to keep busy at when the temperatures are high. However, gardening and heat waves don’t tend to go hand in hand. Below, we’re sharing a few tips for caring for your plants and helping your garden to thrive during hot days.


Save yourself from the heat

One danger with hot weather gardening is exposing yourself to the high temperatures. When possible, do your gardening in the evening, when you won’t be exposed to the sunlight and heat. Be sure to stay hydrated while you work as well. Overcast days are also a great option for both you and your plants.


Choose the right plants

Some crops are better suited to hot, dry conditions than others. If you’re anticipating these difficult conditions, choose the right crops for your best chance of having a healthy garden. Plants like squash and melons can handle the heat well, as long as they are watered regularly. Tomatoes and cucumbers will also require a lot of water, but if they’re carefully tended to, they can hold up in high temperatures as well.


Prep your garden

The key to successful hot weather gardening is to do your prep work ahead of time. While the high temperatures can be hard on your plants, there are a few things you can do to set your garden up for success.

  • Before planting your trays of seedlings, pre soak the trays.
  • Prepare and provide plenty of mulch for the garden to lock moisture in.
  • Weed the garden before planting. Weeds take up valuable space and water, resources that should be saved for your plants.
  • Use hydration to fight hot weather


summer garden planting


Just as humans need to stay hydrated when dealing with high temperatures, plants need extra water as well. Start by trying to plant just after a rainy day. The wet soil will help your plants to acclimatise to the new surroundings. When watering day to day, be sure that most of your water is going into the soil, rather than collecting on leaves. A high quality mulch is also extremely helpful in retaining moisture. The mulch provides shade for plant roots while helping the soil to stay wet.

With careful planning, care, and attention, you can have a successful garden year round.

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