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Macrocarpa Raised Garden Beds

Our macrocarpa raised garden beds offer the home owner an ideal way to establish a controlled area for growing vegetables, flowers, or for the propagation of plants.

Each garden bed is constructed of natural New Zealand grown golden “chunky” Macrocarpa.  This natural timber offers long service life and looks great, while not tainting your crops with nasty chemicals that can be in some treated timbers.

The corners of the garden boxes are securely and simply held with heavy duty non-corrosive aluminium brackets which are pre-drilled for assembly convenience.  Galvanised screws are included.

Raised Garden Beds To Suit Every Backyard

The Garden Shed Company’s macrocarpa raised garden beds come in five different sizes to suit every backyard.  1m x 0.9m, 1m x 2m, 1m x 3m, 2m x 2m and 2m x 3m.  Each size is available in four different depths.  150mm (one board), 300mm (2 boards), 450mm (3 boards) and 600mm (four boards deep).

Our kitset garden beds may be purchased as a base box only, or the Kerilea cloche frame system may be installed onto the base as an optional extra. The Kerilea cloche system offers crop protection from the weather and pests, and may be covered in clear seasonal plastic, shade cloth, Insulnet close-knit frost protection fabric or bird netting.

We deliver nationwide, typically within 7 working days from purchase.  See our full range of macrocarpa garden beds.

Weathered macrocarpa raised garden beds with veges

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