4 Ways To Maintain Your Garden

Between busy schedules, work meetings and fetching the kids from their extra mural activities, our gardens usually make it to the bottom of our to-do lists. They can quickly become overgrown, expensive to tackle and an eyesore. It can lead to us hiring costly service providers, searching online for “cheap sheds NZ” or even sheepishly ignoring the problem. But we can assure you that there are easy, no-fuss and long-term ways to keep your garden in good condition.

Here are some practical and useful ways to maintain your garden for years.

Draw Up A Schedule 

Even though it feels like there’s no time to tend to your garden, we believe a few minutes every few days can lead to a sustainable outdoor space. Set aside 20 – 30 minutes every week and ensure you follow through. If your garden is important to you, you will find ways to make time for it, and you’ll be surprised how much you can get done in this short period.

Wash Down Garden Decor

The one area of our gardens that usually gets neglected and makes the area look worse for wear is our ornaments and decor. Garden gnomes, planter boxes and such all build up dirt and grime due to being outside. Washing them down every few months not only improves their appearance but freshens up the entire garden.

Invest In A Durable Shed 

Before dismissing the idea of adding a shed to your property due to cost, consider it an investment that will pay itself off in the coming years. Sheds are the ideal storage solution that will support your cleaning efforts. In addition, you can organise gardening tools, pack away children’s toys and use it to enjoy your hobbies.

Focus On The Lawn 

Another low-effort task is to take care of your lawn. Watering and mowing it regularly can significantly impact the overall look of your garden. The grass looks fresher and well-maintained, which increases the appeal of the space and is more inviting than an overgrown or dried-up lawn.

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