How Often to Clean Gardening Tools min

Caring For Your Garden Tools

Investing in a shed for garden tool storage can help you store your items and maintain their condition over time. People often mistake their garden tools for extremely durable, able to withstand all types of weather. Many of us leave our tools lying around, not taking proper care or overestimating their lifespans.

With this in mind, you may find yourself interested in taking better care of your tools. This helpful article can assist with practical and easy solutions.

Keeping Your Tools Dry

Many have this misconception that gardening tools are made to last against moisture. While they are designed for wet conditions, they must still be stored correctly against any water. After use, it is important to clean and thoroughly dry them to help prevent rust build-up, mould growth and damage to the working parts.

Sharpening Your Shears 

Shears are often the first garden tool to be discarded because their blades can dull fast and they are more prone to rust. Blades need to be sharpened regularly and cleaned properly to ensure no debris is stuck in between. You can also invest in a sharpening stone to help with the process and linseed oil if you have wooden handles. When caring for your shears, it is important to stay safe as they can still injure you.

Tidying Up Spades 

Spades, forks and rakes are often the forgotten tools in your shed. They are useful in maintaining your garden, but we hardly give them a second thought beyond that. We may just hose them down with water and call it a day. But that is ineffective in removing dirt completely, leading to bacteria growth and even mould outbreaks. Moreso, they tend to rust far more quickly because we do not let them dry properly.

Purchasing a rust-prevention solution will be helpful for long-term use. It is also important to store these specific tools properly as they can fall easily, causing them to warp and get dented, affecting their use.

While our garden tools may seem rather inexpensive, taking care of any item will always prolong their life and keep them in working condition for far longer than neglected ones. The additional benefit of caring for them is that you will disinfect tools that can carry bacteria from plant to plant. Root rot and other diseases can quickly overtake your entire garden, so this is one effective way to avoid this.

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