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Organisational Tips For Your New Shed

Owning a shed today can offer you much-needed storage space that your home does not provide. They are versatile, durable and can easily fit in with the design and layout of your property. But when searching for sheds for sale in Auckland, most of us rarely consider just how we intend to organise the interior.

These are our tips to help maintain a tidy shed from The Garden Shed Company.

Declutter Before You Organise 

Once you have your new shed, you may be ready to make use of it. However, we suggest you declutter your current items to ensure you are not storing junk or broken objects. From rusted tools that are no longer in working condition to children’s toys that are missing parts, now is the time to discard them.

Keep Clear Pathways 

Sheds can quickly fill up and become an eyesore when not properly maintained. Once you start storing items on the floor, you instantly create more clutter and soon it will be more difficult to enter the shed. When moving around becomes harder, that can deter you from even going opening your shed.

The number one rule of shed organisation is to keep clear pathways, as it helps to maintain a cleaner space and allows you to stay injury-free.

Make Use Of Storage Solutions 

Efficient storage solutions include installing tool racks, hanging up hooks or adding shelves ‒ all of which can be useful in keeping your tools and other miscellaneous items. The key to storage solutions is that it needs to be practical. Therefore, items must be visible without any obstructions and easily accessible.

However, before purchasing several different options for your shed, consider how much you need to store. There’s no reason to hang up additional hooks if you do not intend to use them, as they just end up contributing to the clutter.

If you are searching for sheds for sale in Auckland, browse through our wide range. We have many options ranging from steel, such as our Galvo Premium Sheds, timber Qwikbuild Timber Sheds and more. Give us a call today at the Garden Shed Company to find the shed for you.