How to arrange your tool shed like Martha Stewart

Saying that Martha Stewart is the queen of home keeping secrets is like shinning a beacon to the sun. Ms. Stewart’s tips and tricks for how to manage household chores and activities are used and commended by housewives and tradesmen all around the world. These tips are very efficient yet they are also highly economical. […]

Turn a garden shed into your ‘my-space’

In this day and age of constant hustle and bustle, it’s quite difficult to find the perfect time and spot to relax and refresh yourself. Most people find it difficult to let loose even after work. At home men tend to bring back the office work and women rarely step outside of kitchen. But to […]

Aloe Vera- The Wonder Plant

Summer’s here, therefore, for all the people who have to be outside without shade in this scorching weather, it’s time to start investing in good old expensive sunscreen creams and lotions. However, another much cheaper alternative to this malady is a dollop of aloe Vera gel. Therefore, this summer why not invest in planting an […]

Raised garden beds and other way to add a vertical element to your garden

Many homeowners and outdoor designers get stuck on the idea that landscape design is only about the horizontal aspects of the yard. More thoughtful ones, however, realize that adding some height to a backyard space adds not only a dramatic visual element but also some valuable functionality. Here are just a few ideas to help […]

Add some Christmas colour to your garden

The festivities are in the air and mistletoe is a hot commodity inside many houses this time of the year. So, why not refurbish your garden with a festive tree too? Here, in New Zealand, the summer is upon us and the New Zealand Christmas tree or Pohutukawa can be seen in its most beautiful […]

4 Steps to a new garden shed

Step 1 When planning which garden shed is right for you, first consider how much room you are going to need. Normally garden sheds less than 10 square metres do not require a building permit. You will need to check with your local council if unsure. A handy hint: If you have space in your […]

Gardening tips to create a relaxing oasis in your garden

For those of us who love spending time in the garden, being outdoors and among nature can be a great way to relax. Take that relaxation to the next level by creating your own soothing spot with a few decor and gardening tips. Find ways to ensure that gardening is enjoyable and not just another […]

Here’s nine things to consider when buying a garden shed

1. Price vs. quality   I’m not saying you need to pay an arm and a leg, but the reality is there are differences in steel quality and durability of the finished product. Cheap imported sheds may not have parts readily available for them and the backup service and support may not be there when […]

Choosing the right garden storage shed

Sooner or later every home needs extra storage space. Garden storage sheds can provide safe, secure storage and are very affordable. Find out why quality is important. Storage space is at a premium in any home, and that applies to outdoors as well as in. If you’re searching for someplace to store anything from lawn […]

Raised garden bed preparation tips

Once you have assembled your kitset garden bed, its time to fill it.  The following instructions will ensure you give your plants the best possible environment to grow in.  While Macrocarpa is long lasting, it does gradually deteriorate when in direct contact with soil.  For this reason some people choose to staple black polythene plastic […]